Where should we push our images?

(Bruce Becker) #1

We build and use a lot of container images in EGI. We had a bit if a discussion around what would be the “right” place to push them to :

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Trusted private container registry for EGI
(Enol Fernández Del Castillo) #2

Being pragmatic I voted quay, but my preferred option would be AppDB if we had such feature

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Trusted private container registry for EGI
(Bruce Becker) #3

I don’t see a reason why a container registry can’t be a part of AppDB, but I’m willing to bet that given the legacy behind AppDB, integration will be nontrivial. However, I would like to see a trusted private registry of container images for EGI work, particularly since then we could host sensitive or proprietary applications.

(Enol Fernández Del Castillo) #4


Also requested by GEOSS use case