What flair for the EGI Ops Team?

Creating groups is a great way to show what roles and responsibilities people have around here. The first one is the @egi-ops team. It would be cool to have some sort of mascot that we can add to the flair, to quickly identify their special qualities. This could be a font-awesome icon, or any other icon (from, say icomoon or some other icon library).

Since we don’t have an existing mascot (which is a tragedy in its own right), perhaps the EGI logo could be slightly modified like the old twitter accounts ?

  • emoji
  • some other logo
  • variation on egi logi
  • font icon (which one in replies ?)
  • other (in replies)

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Couldn’t we use something like this:


? :slight_smile:

not bad, not bad :thinking:
I was thinking of something more “iconic” that will scale well and can be attached to images, will be easily displayed when shared across emails/twitter/etc. Like, what thing represents an operator ? :hammer: ? :exploding_head: ?

I updated the topic with a poll - quick vote ?