Update links

(Baptiste Grenier) #1
Update links
diff --git a/source/links.rst b/source/links.rst
index 48ba30e..52deca3 100644
--- a/source/links.rst
+++ b/source/links.rst
@@ -6,19 +6,17 @@ Links
 * EGI DataHub
   * https://datahub.egi.eu/
-  * https://community.egi.eu/c/egi-services/datahub
+  * Presentation: http://go.egi.eu/datahub-intro
+  * Community Forum: https://community.egi.eu/c/egi-services/datahub
   * https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_Federated_Data
 * System requirements
   * https://onedata.org/docs/doc/system_requirements.html
-* Documentation
+* Official Onedata documentation
-  * https://onedata.org 
+  * https://onedata.org
   * https://onedata.org/#/home/documentation
-  * Getting started
-    * https://github.com/onedata/getting-started
-* Source code: https://github.com/onedata
+  * Getting started: https://github.com/onedata/getting-started
+  * Source code: https://github.com/onedata

GitHub sha: 0d2ddf06

(Bruce Becker) #2

Seems to me like it would be better to make the links in the text actual links. Is this done automatically by Sphinx?

(Bruce Becker) #3

Turns out RST turns these into actual links.

(Bruce Becker) Approved #4
(Baptiste Grenier) #5

I’m not sure about those discussions about each commit, I’m always seeing them way later and the fact that it’s totally disconnected from GitHub is not very handy. In fact I’m more interested about PR reviews. But it’s true that those posts allowed to review content not in PR that was used to bootstrap the repo, so maybe it’s OK… :slight_smile:

(Bruce Becker) #6

Yes, I agree - we need to play around a bit, now that we have a bit of experience with it, and see what we feel comfortable with. The plugin is described at

It says it’s bidirectional

… but I’m not seeing that bidirectionality in our case, so I guess there may be a glitch somewhere.

The webhook is there and is delivering content to the forum (as we can see here), but for some reason, GitHub is not receiving our conversation here.

(Baptiste Grenier) #7

OK, so it’s just a small integration problem, it’s indeed worth/useful if it’s two ways, thanks.