Notes from ESCAPE WP2,5 workshop, Amsterdam, 1-3 July 2019

(Matthew Viljoen) #1


The focus on ESCAPE is developing prototype services for the ESFRIs and connecting ESFRI projects to EOSC ensuring integration of data and tools. It will also develop and integrate newly developed software tools and services with the EOSC catalogue. At WP2 meetings this week, concrete plans for how this can happen had yet to be defined - this is something we can potentially help with.

Discussions with Kay Graf (WP3) concluded that it would be useful to have someone from EOSC-hub involved in the workpackage to help with clarifying how production ready services may be published on the EOSC catalogue and to ensure alignment with rules of participation. Also sustainability aspects should be considered.

ESCAPE Policies

Discussions with myself and Simone Campana over policy suggested that there was scope for policy alignment across the ESFRIs and that ESCAPE could lever the outputs of EOSC-hub T4.5 work harmonizing AUP and security policies. Simone is checking to see where the best place in ESCAPE that this can happen.