intro: describe the pictures

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intro: describe the pictures
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 Highlighted features
-.. image:: _static/datahub-space-web.png
+.. figure:: _static/datahub-space-web.png
+   :alt: EGI DataHub space web view
-.. image:: _static/datahub-space-oneclient.png
+   Viewing a data space using the EGI DataHub web interface
-.. image:: _static/datahub-replica-management.png
+   Using the EGI DataHub web interface it's possible to manage the space.
-.. image:: _static/datahub-metadata-management.png
+.. figure:: _static/datahub-space-oneclient.png
+   :alt: EGI DataHub space oneclient console view
-.. image:: _static/datahub-file-popularity-smarch-caching.png
+   Viewing a data space in a console locally mounted using Oneclient
+   Using Oneclient it's possible to mount a space locally, and access it over a
+   POSIX interface, using files as they were storred locally. The file's blocks
+   are downloaded on demand.
+.. figure:: _static/datahub-replica-management.png
+   :alt: EGI DataHub file replica distribution
+   Viewing file distribution over the Oneproviders
+   In Onedata the file distribution is dong on a block basis, blocks will be
+   replicated on the fly, and it's possible to instrutmentize the replication.
+.. figure:: _static/datahub-metadata-management.png
+   :alt: EGI DataHub metadata management
+   Management of metadata using the web interface
+   Three different format of metadata can be attached to files: basic
+   (key/value), JSON and RDF. The metadata can be managed using the Web
+   interface and the APIs. It's also possible to create indexes and query them.
+.. figure:: _static/datahub-file-popularity-smarch-caching.png
+   :alt: EGI DataHub file popularity information
+   Viewing file popularity for smart caching
+   It's possible to view the popularity of a file and manage smart caching.

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