Fedcloud appliance - default network type in openstack.yaml

(Graham Lenton) #1

I’m setting up the fedcloud integration resource-level bdii as per the docs at https://egi-federated-cloud-integration.readthedocs.io/en/latest/openstack.html#resource-level-bdii

In the openstack.yaml file, there is an entry for default_network_type which has the possible values none, public, public_only, private, private_only.

By default, new instances on our OpenStack cloud will have a private address, with the possibility to obtain a public address from the public network called ‘public’.

I think therefore that the appropriate value to use here is private, but I wanted to use the facilities here to check my thinking.

Thanks for all input :slight_smile:

(Enol Fernández Del Castillo) #2

That’s correct, private means that VMs start with a private address and can get public IPs on demand.

(Graham Lenton) #3

Thanks @enolfc :sunglasses: