Code Review for EGI DataHub documentation repository

Great stuff. Since the documentation is in a github repo, and we have enabled the code review plugin, can I suggest that we add the webhook in the repo to discuss the development of the documentation here too?

We can try yes. I’m just curious to see if it will not add too much noise wrt the benefits.

For every commit, there will be a topic, which can be discussed, so it kind of strongly suggests one to follow a more disciplined git flow. The topics can always be merged into each other here of course. They can be set up to post to a different category as well, so that you have discussion of the actual data hub here, and discussion of the development of the documentation in side category.

Yes, a PR-based workflow will be enforced once I will have put in place the minimal required things. Having a dedicated (sub-?)category for this looks better to me. Happy to see it integrated like this!

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I’ve added the webhook to the repo now - we should see a few new topics being created from the issues and commits to the repo. I’ll moderate them and organise them as we discussed above.

Perfect, thanks @brucellino!