clients: document using oneclient container with local directory

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clients: document using oneclient container with local directory

diff --git a/source/clients.rst b/source/clients.rst
index 63f65b1..e78b1c9 100644
--- a/source/clients.rst
+++ b/source/clients.rst
@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ other providers supporting the space.
 For a real production usage it's preferable to use the Oneclient container as a
 source for a volume mounted into another container.
-Testing Oneclient in a Oneclient docker container
+Testing Oneclient in a Oneclient docker container with NFS or samba
 Docker containers for the oneclient are available, the existing versions can be
 seen in docker hub:
@@ -134,6 +134,40 @@ So the data can be accessed at
 * `smb://`
 * `nfs://`
+Testing Oneclient in a Oneclient docker container with local file access
+Another solution is to mount a local directory as a volume in the container,
+allowing to access both the working directory as well as the the Onedata spaces.
+In order to do this we will open a `bash` shell in the conainer then we will
+mount manually the Onedata spaces.
+* `ONECLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN`: access token allowing to access **all** the spaces.
+* `ONECLIENT_PROVIDER_HOST`: name or IP of the Oneprovider the client should connect to.
+.. important:: In order to be able to use FUSE, the container should run in `privileged` mode.
+.. code-block:: console
+   export
+   docker run -it --privileged -e ONECLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN=$ONECLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN -e ONECLIENT_PROVIDER_HOST=$ONECLIENT_PROVIDER_HOST -v $PWD:/mnt/src --entrypoint bash onedata/oneclient:18.02.0-rc13
+   root@aca612a84fb4:/tmp# oneclient /mnt/oneclient
+   Connecting to provider '' using session ID: '1641165171427694510'...
+   Getting configuration...
+   Oneclient has been successfully mounted in '/mnt/oneclient'.
+   root@aca612a84fb4:/tmp# ls /mnt/oneclient
+   (...)
+   root@aca612a84fb4:/tmp# ls /mnt/src
+   (...)
+Now it's possible to use the following mount points:
+* `/mnt/oneclient`: the Onedata spaces
+* `/mnt/src`: the local directory (any abolute path could have been used
+  instead of $PWD that points to the working directory)
 Testing Oneclient in a Virtual Machine

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@baptiste perhaps you could mention some cases in which this would be desirable? When would a user want to do such a thing?

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Indeed, I added a sentence to explicit it (easily exchanging files between a local folder and a Onedata spcae).

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