About the EGI Operations category

Operators gonna Operate

The EGI Operations category is for discussion of the operation of the EGI Federation

If you want to post here, you’re typically a site administrator in the EGI Federation (or a prospective one), a middleware or service expert (or the opposite thereof), a member of the EGI Operations team, or that of one of the peer infrastructures.

Whichever side of Dev, Sec or Ops you live on, whatever your special interest in operations, we welcome you.

  • Do you have a question regarding a service in the EGI federation ? We want to hear it :ear:
  • Would you like to discuss aspects of the processes or technology in EGI Operations ? We’re always improving :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Are the limits of the official channels for change requests stifling your creative expression ? Everybody’s special here :snowflake:

Is this category for you ?


Operations is a nice area - we work on the infrastructure so that researchers can get their work done. If you are an arbitrary member of this community, or a random visitor from the web, this category is probably not for you - but don’t let that stop you. We welcome posts here of any kind, and rest assured that if they are off topic, they will be routed to a more appropriate place, with a smile :slight_smile: